Case studies

Rohan’s Hope: Rebuilding a Life Through Support and Sponsorship in Ranchi’s Slums

30 September, 2023
Written consent was received from all the persons portrayed in this story

In 2009, tragedy struck when Rohan was just two years old – he lost his father. The loss left his mother grappling with trauma, making it increasingly difficult for her to care for Rohan. With Rohan too young to fend for himself, his maternal aunt stepped forward, shouldering the responsibility of providing a nurturing environment for him.


Rohan began a new chapter of his life, residing with his maternal aunt, uncle, and three cousins in one of Ranchi’s slums. However, the family faced dire economic hardships, their income barely sufficient to meet the needs of all four children.


In 2019, CINI extended its helping hand to the area where Rohan and his family resided. A Child Protection Committee (CPC) at the slum level was established, initiating a vulnerability assessment exercise. Rohan and his cousins were identified as vulnerable and needing care and protection during this assessment. The CPC members conducted a family visit and determined that although Rohan’s aunt and uncle did their utmost to provide for the children, additional financial support was necessary.


Driven by their commitment to making a difference, the CPC members connected Rohan with the government’s ‘Sponsorship Scheme.’ CINI provided vital assistance in preparing the requisite documents and the application for support from the scheme. The application was submitted to the District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) in Ranchi through a collaborative effort between CINI and the CPC members. Thankfully, the DCPU recognized the family’s need and agreed to provide support. Once Rohan was enrolled in the scheme, the family began receiving Rs. 2000 per month. This financial assistance proved a significant relief, offering resources to cover school fees, provide nutritious meals, and meet other essential family expenses.


Expressing her gratitude, Rohan’s aunt stated, “I am thankful to CINI and CPC members for helping us secure sponsorship support.” With this newfound support, Rohan thrived, growing in a nurturing family environment and continuing his education.

Rohan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community efforts and our efforts in facilitating this.