This CINI Method distils CINI’s 50 years of work with and for children, especially the vulnerable ones. The CINI method or this child rights-based programming method can be a method of interest for Government /Academia/International NGOs/Local NGOs/Networks (including of children) at the national, regional, and potentially international levels.

The CINI Method’s core engine, the Child-Friendly Communities (CFC) approach, empowers CINI and its partners to apply this methodology at the community level. CFC labs in various disadvantaged settings (urban, rural, tribal, tea garden communities) enable CINI to test the Method within children’s daily lives. This learning informs our work on system strengthening through capacity building, technical support, evidence generation, advocacy, networking, and policy influence.

Unlike previous efforts to operationalize CRC that focused on international and national levels, the CFC approach recognizes the need to reach communities directly responsible for children’s well-being – families, communities, schools, essential services, and local governance. Its goal is to bridge the gap between international commitments and on-the-ground practices in CRC implementation.

The CINI Method can be used by stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, international agencies, and academia, enabling them to adopt and implement child-centric methodologies and human rights-based programming effectively.

The power to drive change is in your hands. Governments, NGOs, international agencies, and academic institutions can all act by embracing CINI’s approach. Whether you’re shaping policies, implementing programmes, or conducting research, our expertise and support are here to empower you on your journey toward a brighter future for children everywhere.

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