COVID & now Amphan a double Whammy for poor BENGAL

14 October, 2023
  • Target :- 100000
  • End at :- 30-11-2023

While COVID 19 has infected 1,20,000 people in India in 3 months, of which 45% have now recovered. Cyclone Amphan in 3 hours destroyed a few million livelihoods and uprooted many families in Bengal. Houses and important documents destroyed, roofs blown away, uprooted trees, crops submerged, and livelihood snatched away! The poor have lost the rations they have collected as Covid relief !!

Well with Covid you have every reason to believe you can save yourself with proper behavioural hygiene, social distancing and early detection.

We were all sitting ducks, waiting to be pounced upon and tormented on 20th May 2020. We have never experienced anything deadlier like this in our lives. Now we see destruction and misery around ! The roads blocked and blown away, thousands of villages are still beyond reach of rescue personnel. Millions have lost their basics, food, clothes and shelter!

Then we have to battle with Covid! Read More… Donate to stand by the Poor


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